Should I switch from Golang to Monogame for more platform support?

I’m currently making 2d pc games with golang and SDL, I like programming in go more than c# because the language and frameworks are much simpler than c# and no OOP, but game consoles generally don’t officially support go, how difficult/costly is it to port a go game to consoles compared to porting Monogame to consoles and mobile devices? especially Nintendo Switch, small games sell little on ps4 and xbox anyway. Is it worth it to switch to c# and Monogame only for the the ease of porting, if yes how long does it take to be good at programming with c# and Monogame? Or what are the other reasons that makes Monogame better for developing commercial video games?

Not sure how it works for cross platform for goland but you basiclly write your code once in C#/Monogame and can compile for all different OS’s. Dont even need to be on that OS to compile for those systems.

That is if you use Dotnet5 or Dotnet6 or dotnet core.