Simple FBX file generates no ModelMeshes

I export a simple box from 3ds Max 2017 to an FBX (I’ve tried versions 2014 and 2012, binary format.)
I import the FBX file into the content project.
It builds, and generates no errors.
However, after I call Content.Load on the file, it returns a Model that has a ModelMesh count of 0.
(Thus, there’s no geometry there to draw.)

3ds Max settings for export:

try without tangents and binormals, then generate them in the content pipeline

I have had the same issue with some downloaded models. No error with the default model processor. But the same error in runtime.
As i process vertexes in my custom processor it generates an error saying there are no vertices.
I ll upload a model tomorrow i m currently on my phone.

Unchecking the “Tangents and Binormals” option does generate an FBX file that the content importer can import.

The question then becomes: Why can’t the content importer read files with this data?