Simple-MonoGame-OpenAL : Super simple OpenAL / OpenTK wrapper

Have just pushed the simple wrapper I have been working on for audio to solve this issue -

It was rather hastily put together and only supports wav files, I wouldn’t recommend using it unless like us you are facing this issue and are desperate to get a patch out ASAP (test thoroughly in your framework before pushing anything live).

Only supports Android as this was all we needed.

On another note, I’d love to see a complete option such as this, as a seperate lib or plugin to MonoGame. I feel like this would be more flexible, and would allow people to use the audio library of their choice (e.g. FMOD). I think it would also make stuff a lot easier to fix when problems with audio occur (personally when digging through the MonoGame audio source code I found it pretty tangled up, although I’m sympathetic, its very hard to get this stuff working crossplatform!)

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