Simple Top Down shooter

I would like to share the game that I am developing just for the learning purposes.

It is a simple top-down shooter where your’s targets are a little green enemies coming from the borders of the screen. I want to add some more opponents in the future but as for now they are the only ones.
There is no main objective in this game, but each kill is rewarded by some points added to the score and a little higher score multiplayer.

As for now there are two abilities that player can collect and use for his advantage. One of them is alternative weapon, and other one is a blast pulse, allowing player to clear whole map when situation is getting worse.

Game is always launching in 1280x720 window. But why? Simply put: I am a beginner, and unfortunately I forgot about asset scaling based on resolution, and it was too late when I remembered about that.

Download link for the curious ones:

Move with WASD or arrows.
Shoot with LMB in direction of your cursor. You can hold the button but clicking allows for faster shooting.
Slow down with left Shift. Sometimes it’s hard to catch the ability laying on the ground.
Access menu with Esc.
Pause and resume with Space.

And a couple of screenshots

Due to the fact that I am beginner on C# field I would be glad to hear any constructive criticism despite my code which you can find on


@Jeremi247 Nice Work! I realy like it! but coud you update your Source code? and also add all Contents? (TopDown\Content\visitor1 and more are missing!)

Also, I cannot Find the Menu Button Actions, (The Only call i coud found was Button.takeAction(); which is an emtpy function!

Thank You!
I am trying to keep my code up to date at all times.
Honestly I have no idea what is missing. Visitor1 file is a font and I placed it to the Content folder now. takeAction should be an abstract class, Button class as well, I’ve changed that. All actions are taken in child classes that you can find in Buttons folder.
If there is more missing files could you please provide me their names?

Ok thank you :slight_smile: Ill send an Pull request to you, im also an beginner and i thought this woud be an good addition,
btw, coud you go trough the code and Comment Every function, so everybody can understand?

I like it… more feedback to come…

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Ok, I just added an Pull request, if you want to you can merge it!

I’ve commented every function c:
And I’ve answered your’s pull on github.