Simpulls - Coming to iOS this Thursday!

Simpulls is a cartoony and quirky swipe based old-school matching game. Unleash the powers of the special Simpulls you discover on your journey through their lands to help you overcome the variety of challenges you encounter.

Simpulls is our ode to some of our past favourite puzzle games: Magical Drop, Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Bobble. We wanted to bring something new to touch puzzle gaming, something not bejeweled inspired.


PressKit (With screenshots and other good bits)

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@daveleaver - I’m looking to include this into the MonoGame 2015 showcase video. Can you confirm the current or soon to be released platforms using MonoGame? Also is there any pure gameplay footage available (without marketing text) at 1080p 60fps?

@Tom Awesome!

I have put a gameplay video up here:

Currently released on iOS and Android using MonoGame :slight_smile:

That link isn’t working for me @daveleaver . Can you check that?

Have PM’d you a link