Skinned FBX Using Pipeline Tool

I’m building a game that uses 3D skinned animation. When I process the FBX files through the the Pipeline Tool, I can get everything to load and display on the screen with no problems. However, I am at a loss how to animate the skinned model. Examples I’ve seen either use the XNA pipeline or do not use skinned models.

I feel like there’s something obvious that I’m missing, but this has had me stumped for days.

Even XNA did not natively support skinned animated models out of the box. They provided a sample that showed how to use a custom content pipeline extension to add support for skinned animation. That same content pipeline extension should work with MonoGame’s content build pipeline as well.

Thanks for the response. Does this mean the Pipeline Tool cannot be used for skinned animations?

I’ll try to get my FBX to work in XNA’s Skinned Model Sample (the one with the “dude” model), but I’m not sure how to have the pipeline process the file before attempting to load it so I can use the SkinningData class.

EDIT: Sure enough, it was as simple as changing the Content Processor property for the FBX to SkinnedModelProcessor.

Did you solve your problem ? if yes then how???
I have exactly same problem . How can i resolve it.

(send link or code or anything else which is useful.)

Hi! I have no clue why, but I dont have the SkinnedModelProcessor in my processor dropdown list … How did you put it there? Any idea why is it missing for me?

check your version …and bits…of dlls

You have to create the processor. This tutorial How to get XNA’s SkinnedSample working with MonoGame shows you what to do.