SkinnedModelProcessor - Not able to get the Content manager to compile them

This is my last hurdle to getting my game ported from XNA to MonoGame.

Here is what i “think” i know:

  1. non-skinned models can use the .xnb files that are generated from XNA
  2. my skinned models form XNA are throwing the “Could not load “fileNameHere” asset as a non-content file!” error.

To fix this I have tried to recompile my skinnedModelProcessor so that I can reference it from the Content Pipeline builder. However I have not been able to reference MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline. The compiler just complains that there is no reference to said .dll

If anyone knows whats going on here then solving this should get me going…

Next I figured I would just fork my own MonoGame.Framework so that the Content Pipeline would already have the skinnedModelProcessor and then I would not need to worry about it. What I am trying is something similar to this:

but with my own custom files. The issue Im running into is that the compiler is throwing 127 errors (was way more but I fought it down this far) for missing references for things that should be there ( like some sharpDX ones).

At this point i’m at a huge loss for what to do. I have exhausted every avenue I can think of and have come up short, If anyone has any idea how to get either of these 2 processes working Please help me to do so. OR if there is a 3rd way to do this I’m all ears. I just need to get this running.

Also anyone who is willing to help me out with this, I will happily give you a steam key when the game is out :slight_smile:


I got the files to “load”, however I think coming from XNA they are not being read correctly, as they load in blank. So the issue still persists, however I solved a minor bug.