Snake - Open Source

So I created a Snake game for the Roku some years ago and it has been one of my more successful games. Recently I had somebody reach out to me asking about a FireTV version as they no longer had a Roku, so I decided to port it in to MonoGame. Along with that of course comes the opportunity to publish on various different platforms. It is now additionally available on FireTV, Steam, and Xbox One (via the Creators Program).

If you would like to support me you can find the links to those store pages via the game page on my website.

Now to the good stuff! I decided to also make the project open source. The person who originally requested the FireTV port also mentioned that they were going to school for programming and are interested in game development. So I thought this could be a good game for somebody to be able to tinker around in. It’s fairly simple and there are some elements of it that would be easy to modify, such as the visuals and level designs.

Here’s the GitHub page.

There might be some things in there that would be of value to other MonoGame developers. For instance there is code for Xbox Live Sign-In, Stats, and Connected Storage. Then on the FireTV side there is code for In-App Purchasing as well as displaying VAST video ads (The FireTV version is ad supported).

Enjoy :slight_smile: