So I have no idea how to use the SoundEffect content in MonoGame

So for the last few hours I have been googling the hell out of how could I use my .wavs for SoundEffects.
I get this when I try do it: Wave compression is not supported. Obviously it’s because I should use the Content Pipeline, but no, when I try to build the sound files it says: Build failed: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform. Now I tried the Content Processor 3.2.2, but it didn’t work, obviously because my MonoGame is 3.4, but anyways, what options do I have left to get my .wavs ready for MonoGame? (I am instantly stating that I will not try to install the XNA Content Pipeline as I’ve tried it a hundred different ways and it doesn’t work either)

I suspect that was an error you got from SoundEffect.FromStream() in a WindowsGL project.

We use OpenAL on GL platfoms and it has no support for compressed formats. You should resave the WAV as uncompressed at it will work.

The MonoGame content pipeline is a 64bit process and it seems your machine has 32bit OS installed. Most likely your CPU supports 64bit, but without the 64bit version of Windows it won’t work.

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