So is there an easier way to create and bring shaders into mono?

My last game, custom shaders were sort of a hell. For one I was just beginning to learn how to use shaders, but writing, compiling, loading and applying them to renderer was very painful. Enough where I used as little as possible. I’m certain that my performance suffered massively since I did not utilize the gpu as much as possible.

So back to my question, are there any good examples of how to properly implement vertex or pixel shaders into mono? This issue has made me switch my dev to c++/cx because of tooling and support to create new shaders with a whole lot less effort.

All of the reference material for writing .fx shaders for XNA still apply to MonoGame. Do a web search for some good XNA shader writing tutorials and you will be off to a good start.

Well, I’m not as concerned about writing them but implementing it into monogame. The process I had to go through before was writing the shader in notepad, using the 2MGFX.exe tool to compile and then add it to the project. The file had to be read as a binary array and assigned to a shader object. Then finally getting to the code to actually implement it into the render, which in turn had me remove the standard shader that mono uses for its rendering. Seems like that was a lot of work to get implemented and trying to do multiple iterations of creating and testing took very long. It just feels wrong, the process and how long it was taking.