So now i've gone and done it.

Been a while since i posted and i wanted to show off something i have been working on this month.

Previously i used a nurbs algorithm i rewrote from c into c# to generate curved nurb surfaces. For a long time i took pot shots at writing my own version because i wanted one that acted like a nurbs curve, but worked more simply to intersect control points (i.e. were i didn’t have to knot control points to do it). I tried a few times but never could quite get it.

I sort of had the inkling to give it another shot recently and it looks like i have my own simple nurb like creation.

For lack of a better description of the algorithm it’s a “warped second degree polynominal surface”.

The red dots are the input control points sent by the user, basically one function generates warped tension points (the green dots) for each control point. Then a second function then takes both the original control points and the warped set and generates the surface from them (shown as blue dots).

Im quite happy that i got a rough draft working and wanted to post about it, since i have actually given this a shot quite a few times over the last few years unsuccessfully until now.

I think im going to do a tutorial on how to do it if there is any interest.