[SOLVED] Content pipline 'FreeImage' build error.

I have been using Monogame for about a year now on VS 2015. Recently I upgraded to a new pc and downloaded VS 2017. I downloaded the 3.6 version of MonoGame from here. Everything is working fine except the content pipeline. Whenever I try to build it (either directly from the pipeline or from the VS debugger) it gives me the following error:

Importer ‘TextureImporter’ had unexpected failure! Planet_Game C:/Users/Ethans Laptop/Documents/Programs/C#/Planet_Game/Planet_Game/Content/Grass_Tile.png.

as well as this exception:

Unable to load DLL ‘FreeImage’. The specific module could not be found!


Have you looked at this

Or this

There are some suggestions there.

Try downloading and installing this:

You need the Visual C++ Redistributable.

Thank you GeonBit and sqrMin1. I downloaded vcredist_x64.exe from the link you sent. My content pipeline is now working like it should.