[SOLVED] Does MonoGame supports Wavefront OBJ mesh file ?

Hello all! New to MonoGame here, If may I inquire does MonoGame supported OBJ mesh file, I tried to compile it using MonoGame Pipeline and build it… but failed :confused:

Thanks in advanced for a reply ^ _ ^ y

It should work. What’s the error?

Hi Jagg,

Thanks for the reply, I dragged the obj file to MonoGame Pipeline tools and rebuilt it. after clicking rebuilt

Couldn’t find a default importer for ‘C:/tmp/TestModel.obj’! :confused:
[ Build 0 succeeded, 1 failed, Time elapsed… ]


MonoGame Pipeline Tools : Version

Hmm, that should resolve to the Assimp importer ( https://github.com/MonoGame/MonoGame/blob/develop/MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline/OpenAssetImporter.cs#L23 ). Try setting the importer to the Open Asset Importer manually like shown here:

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Oh, what MG version are you on? The extension association was added after the 3.5 release.

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Thanks for the workaround Sir Jagg , I’ll try that and hope to load the model

MonoGame Pipeline Tools : Version
MonoGame.Framework : Version v4.0.30319

Thanks again ^ _ ^ y

T_T No obj on my Importer list…

YAY!!! Thank’s it works now! using ( Open Asset Import Library )…

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