[Solved] Exe not working on other windows machine

Using Mono 3.5 in the Windows Project template built in windows 10 VS2015 has no issues on my computer but goes to a black screen before crashing on my friends laptop

I built a release and copied the whole folder to his PC and I also tried publishing and doing the installer neither worked. Both PCs are x64 and I tried x64 x86 and any cpu builds. His laptop is running windows 10, with directX 12 and has the 4.5 .net frame work installed. His specs are very close to my lap that running the game just fine I’m at a loss why it wont work it likes is it missing some requirement to run.

I copied the game to his external drive and I was able to run it form there on my laptop then plugged it into his machine and it fails. I also tested with VS2105 uninstalled to see if it works and it does so out I’m of ideas.

Does anyone have any clue why it might not work? or what install requirements could possibly be missing?

Have you tried with a blank monogame project ?
After that if it fails, have you tried installing monogame on his rig to maybe confirm it is either the computer or mg that is failing.


sometimes me too but only with C++ project, Have you tried with right administrator?

Blank works, we got my game exe to work but only after we setup custom settings for it in the nvidia control panel… seems very odd to me that we had to do that for it to work… Trying to isolate exactly which features we overwrote to make it work will let everyone know when I find out.

Does the other machine have a hybrid GPU setup, with an Intel on-board GPU and a NVIDIA high-performance GPU? It may have been trying to launch on the Intel GPU which may not have supported all the features that MonoGame requires.

Yes, their laptop does have a hybrid intel on-board GPU with a nvidia card added… this makes sense now. Thank you! I was bashing out my brain trying to figure out why it was not working and only worked once we setup it up on the nvidia card.

Those hybrid GPU setups are always a cause of issues for games.