[SOLVED] GDI Generic as renderer on GeForce 1060, cannot run game

Code for my game which used to work without a problem on my old machine now is throwing the exception from image below. Anyone knows how I can make MonoGame load proper context? (i.e. from my GeForce with higher OpenGL version)

You seem to have an outofmemory before this line…

Nonetheless, are you using a laptop ?

I’m not sure if you got this, so just to make it clear: Out Of Memory is the name of the game. :wink:

I’m using desktop build on MSI Trident case, I have Intel i7 and nVidia 1060, but only the latter one is displayed in Device Manager of Windows. (i.e. there is not built-in GPU from Intel)

Can you give the develop version of MG a try?

I’ll see if I can update my Nvidia drivers and reproduce this. I normally keep the drivers up to date, but I hadn’t been notified of new drivers yet.

Any luck with running on latest drivers? Or did you maybe get the same issue? [if so, then would be beneficial to know which drivers you were on previously]
Thanks in advance!

I can’t replicate anything similar here. The develop branch of MonoGame no longer uses OpenTK. Try with the latest development build from monogame.net, or we should have a 3.6 release out in the next week.

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Also see this other thread.


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This issue was resolved by updating to latest MonoGame (3.6 release), see this other thread for more details of how I upgraded my project (it was not straightforward unfortunately).

This happened on newest drivers from nVidia and MonoGame assembly runtime 4.0.30319 (version 3.1.2), which was using the OpenTK. New SDL2 based version works.