[SOLVED]Hiding the title bar

I’ve just got a very simple, seemingly foolish beginners question that’s driving me batty. How do you hide the title bar of the default window that is provided when you start a new Monogame windows project?


yourGame.Window.IsBorderless = true;

And you have to provide some other way to exit the game then, besides the now vanished X-button :slight_smile:

That worked, thanx - I figured it’d be something simple like that…I must’ve scoured the internet for a half an hour without seeing anything on it, though. And yes, I had already mapped the escape key to exit for me, I’m not quite as inept as I made myself appear with this question…; )

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LOL. I know the feeling.
Didn’t want to offend :smiley: Mentioned it because it happened to me while trying the solution :blush: keep on coding.

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Oh. Please change the title to:

[SOLVED] Hiding the title bar