[SOLVED] [MG Pipeline tool] Imput string Was not in a correct Format.

Hi all,
Given that i’m a complete noobie in Mono Game Development, I’m facing a very frustrating (and probably very easy) problem when i try to create an xnb file from my Content files (i try different formats, so i think is not a problem of WMVImporter only).

For evry type of file i try to build i got the error in the attached screenshot:

I Google it for the last 2 hours but all the finded solutions cannot help me… what i’m wrong?

Tested (and wrong) solutions:
1 - Change “intermediatedir” and “outputdir” in a writable location.
2 - Re-register various ocx in Microsoft Shared.
3 - Do the same thing in a new blank project (the screenshot come from a new project).
4 - Change windows Regon settings to match UK and USA keyboard settings
5 - Rename the filename.


EDIT1: I try XNAFormtter to format my file out of Visual Studio, but it crash with a .NET exception…
EDIT2: https://wmv2xnb.codeplex.com/ generate an empty file… so is not a pipeline tool problem.
Ok, as expected was a stupid errror… i downloaded all the test files from 2 sites:
one that share test Wmv and one that share gif that i had successively converted in wmv… Both the Methods corrupt the files… I register my own wmv to do a test and now work.
Very, very weird Day :worried: