[SOLVED] MGFX built for different platform (how to choose in pipeline)

Good day,
I noticed that my game that I have tried to patch for a year or so on my free time has actually not been upgraded from 3.2, so I upgraded some days ago. The problem I have currently is some issues with audio being null, but I found that in another thread, but there is one problem that I haven’t resolved.
When trying to launch my Android game, it says that my shaders have been built for an ancient version of MonoGame, so I found the source code for the shaders and it wouldn’t let me compile. The reason of course being that I’m not allowed to build for ShaderModel 3.0 for some reason, which left me with compiling for ShaderModel 4.0, which is not compatible with OpenGL on Android. (I actually have defines checking for the supposed ShaderModel but didn’t help)
So, how do I compile the shader so that it allows ShaderModel 3?

Thanks in advance, as we say in Sweden.

Am I free to post a thread here when my post-release patch is released for my game? I actually never posted here when my game was released back in June last year.


Found a setting for the compiling platform in the MonoGame Platform settings.