[Solved] No default importer TMX files

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Hi all,

Last week I build a tiled map for my game using arrays, I got into the problem that this eats all the RAM.
Therefore, I switched to the Monogame.Extended.Tiled solution and followed the installation instructions. I quickly ran into an error with the content pipeline. Namely that I cannot build the TMX files with the error code: Couldnt find a default importer for .txm files.

Some research got me to the linked topic which was full of information from half a year ago, to what might cause the errors.

I tried all the solutions in the topic in combination with both my own project and a new project, yet the issue remained.
Is this a new issue due to an update or am I overlooking something crucial

Opening the Content.mgcb file with and manually adding the references did the trick.
Under reference add:

/reference:..\..\[Your project]\MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline.dll
/reference:..\..\[Your project]\MonoGame.Extended.dll
/reference:..\..\[Your project]\MonoGame.Extended.Tiled.dll

Note the references should be in the main folder of the project.
Any other folder resulted in errors