[SOLVED] Pipeline Extension Project StackOverflowException in Pipeline Tool

I created a simple pipeline extension project for reading/writing xml in the content pipeline.
However, when I try to use the extension the pipeline tool hangs. When I enable Debug Mode in the Build Menu, it is throwing a StackOverflowException so it must be hitting an infinite loop somewhere.

Here is a link to the pipeline extension project:

I’m pretty stuck on this one, if someone could take a look at the pipeline project or provide guidance on how to further debug pipeline extensions, it would be greatly appreciated.


How do I build the Pipeline Tool from source? I’ve pulled down the MonoGame source code from github, ran protobuild to generate all the project files, but can’t can’t find the correct .sln to build and run the pipeline tool from Visual Studio.

Ok nevermind, I found it… I was running protobuild from terminal, so was only generating macOs and linux projects. Had to run protobuild from cmd to generate the windows projects.

also if anyone runs into this in the future, the ContentProcessor was outputting a type with no associated ContentWriter.

Note that in this case MGCB uses a reflection based content writer. That can work in some cases, but it’s recommended you use a custom writer and reader.