(SOLVED) Porting Complex XNA 4 Game to Monogames need Sharder Help!

Your issues were almost the same as mine, I started porting a week before you and made similar posts and questions…

I saw your posts and was reading through them before I had started my conversion.

I think the biggest problem now is that some shader bugs only appear on some systems.

Conversion is all done, finally got the bloom and particles backup!!! Thank you everyone that helped me out it was very much appreciated.

Earth with bloom back on:

Start the fire works:

Once I’m ready to go public with the game I will post a show case here. I think MonoGame is an excellent framework and deserves more credit and attention then it is getting.

Glad to see you got them working! Woah, man! Those effects look so good. Do you maybe have any videos :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t agree more :smiley:

Indeed I do have movies while most are keep under wraps as the are dev works in progress and I will show off a ton of stuff when I go public I can show an old video of the weapon I took a screen cap from above. This is an older video and there have been improvements but gives a good idea of the effects for that weapon even if the shockwaves are a bit smaller which makes the applied shock-wave physics a bit harder to see.

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I agree, looking at the screen on this post, and some of the other recent games I’ve seen around here.