[Solved]Preventing initial load screen

I’m close to releasing my game on Android. There is one thing that I can’t find a solution to. That is the following screen when the game first starts. I can’t do a splash screen because it occurs before my code even runs! If anybody has a solution to the issue I would be a very happy woman.

In MonoGame versions before 3.8 there was a \Resources\Drawable\Splash.png which could be replaced. I did check myself with MonoGame 3.8 and I could not find the same file. Do you want to replace the white loading screen with your Splashscreen / Image? Or do you want to get rid of it and display a splash screen from where your code begins? I cannot help with a solution here but I am also interested since I want to start to experiment with Android a little more if I can find some time hopefully.


I would like to replace the white screen with an image/splash of some sort or just a black screen. I’m fine rolling back to a previous version of MonoGame if I have to in order to avoid this white screen. I just don’t see other apps on the Play Store having this problem so there must be a solution.

@Kwyrky. You pointed me in the right direction! I compared the template from a 3.7.1 solution to what was in my project. I was indeed missing the Splash.png. I was also missing a Values\Styles.xml. I copied both into my project. I also update the activity to include the splash and volia, the ugly white screen is gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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