[SOLVED] Problems creating XAML app with MonoGame templates.

Hi! Im trying to use some MG templates, but getting this error

Does anyone know the reason?

Im using the latest version of VS2019, and the latest version of MonoGame 3.8

Hi @Cristian_Rodriguez Welcome to the Community!

Which method did you use to install MonoGame?

Did you install 3.7.1 as well?

Are you admin?

Happy Coding!

Hi! Thank you!
I’ve installed it through VS extensions, here:

Nop, i have only MG 3.8 installed, maybe is that the problem?

Yes, i’ve tried opening it as an admin.

Seems like i have something outdated, but i can’t find what it is. :tired_face:

I figured you were doing something wrong…

Follow this guide…


I have a video if required…

Hope that solves it.


Woopsie… forgot the link lol

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It worked! Thanks man, I was going crazy with the problem :joy:

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