[SOLVED] ScreenManager won't LoadContent()

I wanted to use Monogame.Extended.Screens.Transitions which is currently in the unstable branch, and the ScreenManager won’t call LoadContent() on my Screen class.

ScreenManager says this:

public void LoadScreen(Screen screen)

                    screen.ScreenManager = this;

                    if (_isInitialized)

                    if (_isLoaded)

                    _activeScreen = screen;

Shouldn’t it only call LoadContent() or Initialize() if it is NOT already initialized or Loaded? Like this:

 if (!_isInitialized)

if (!_isLoaded)

I want to continue to use Monogame Extended Screens and Transitions, and I could always copy the source file and make the corrections, but I would like to have the absolute latest version. Can anyone fix this and do a pull request so that this can work properly? I’m not sure how to do this myself.

done for you

Thank you so much!! ScreenManager and transitions are working good for me now.

No problem, this guide might help for future