[Solved] Should the TiledMapRenderer render TiledMapObjectLayers?

I have a TMX file, built with Tiled, that contains two tile layers and one object layer. The object layer has two Tiled Objects with collisions and associated tiles from a tileset. When I draw the map using TiledMapRenderer, it draws the two tile layers but does not draw the object layers (or rather, the images associated with the Tiled Objects on the object layer). Should it? If so, what am I doing wrong? I am using MonoGame 3.8 and MonoGame.Extended* v3.9.0-alpha0001 (per the MonoGame.Extended installation instructions on GitHub).

My project is on GitHub and the TMX file is located in Content/Tilemaps. I am new to MonoGame so I’m not sure I’m “doing it right.” My goal was to use an object layer in Tiled to place dynamic objects with associated tile images, like player/enemies, transform those objects in Update() based on input, and then redraw the map with the updated object positions. But I can’t seem to get the object layer to render. Am I approaching this correctly?

Here’s the map in Tiled:

And here’s what displays in the game window:

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Of course objects will not be rendered. It’s up to you to parse and turn them into actual game entities.

The responsibility of rendering game objects is not that of the tiled renderer; the tiled renderer only renders the tiles.

I believe the confusion here is in the branding of the Tiled tool. The Tiled tool does more than just creating the base geometry of the level. It’s basically reaching for a full on 2D scene editor.

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Thank you for your reply!

So as Martenfur said, I need to extract the objects from the TiledMap and Update()/Draw() them separately from the map renderer Draw. I’m not sure how to extract them but that will be tonight’s project :slightly_smiling_face: