[SOLVED] Speed difference between MG (latest stable) and MG (the lastest develop branch)

Hi !
While searched for aa solution with my fullscreen problem (Incorrect Screen Resolution in DirectX Windows Project) I tested with the stable version and discovered a significant difference:
My test app was:

  • when pressing enter, toggle fullscreen,
  • display current FPS (not averaged, the current one, so no overhead with this),
  • load a dummy texture to texture to see if the texture is skewed and so i’m really in fullscreen.

Switching references to monogame gives:
MG (latest stable) -> ~600fps
MG (the lastest dev at the time of this post) -> ~350fps

Is this because the develop branch is in “debug” while the stable one is “release” and so no debug informations are made during an app timelife ? Or is it a real difference that will remain ?

Wow, that’s a huge difference! So it’s a DirectX project?

There’s no such thing AFAIK.
Maybe you can try and figure out what commit changed this? Or if you upload the test project somewhere, I’ll check it out.

Yes, it’s a windows desktop DX project.
It is an impressive difference for me… I wonder how fast would be m y engine with the stable version if it could handle custom effects on model in the pipeline :wink: (currently it runs at 80fps with the develop branch) Maybe 120 fps ? :slight_smile:
I’ll dig in the sourcecode later if I have time after work. I suspect it is something related to spritebatch as it is the only thing used in my test app.

With the latest dev version it seems to be solved :slight_smile: So I won’t search why.