[Solved] Upgraded to v3.6 fullscreen and resolution broken (need help)

I just upgraded from 3.5 to 3.6 and I’m having some rendering issues now. At first I got a blank screen but in the correct window size then I learned I needed to add the HiDef profile for fix the error was I was getting. Once I did that the game ran again but never in the correct size and full screen no longer works here is a screen capture:

Do I need different code now to set the correct window size and enable full screen? I was using this:

graphicsM.PreferredBackBufferWidth = graphicsM.GraphicsDevice.DisplayMode.Width; graphicsM.PreferredBackBufferHeight = graphicsM.GraphicsDevice.DisplayMode.Height; graphicsM.PreferMultiSampling = true; graphicsM.IsFullScreen = true;

It should be in 2560x1440 (it also does not matter if I directly set the preferredbackbufferw/h the game window is always the same size).

Update: if I set IsFullScreen to true and then I drag the window it will go into fullscreen on releasing the window but in the same resolution which looks horrible when enlarged.

Solved it, I needed to add graphicsM.ApplyChanges(); I tried that before and it did not work but for some reason its working now.

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