[SOLVED] VS 2017 15.6.0 (latest update) crashes when loading an fx file

Is anyone else having issues trying to load and edit an effects file (.fx) with the latest 15.6.0 update of VS 2017?

Every time I double click the file in the IDE to edit, it freezes and then crashes (restarts itself).

Have you checked its default viewer? Right click ~ open with and set the one you want as default.
I dont think visual is the default editor for fx

@Alkher yes… it’s set as default. It’s been working fine in VS 2017 up until the 15.6.0 update which got released a couple days ago… wanted to see if anyone else updated and started having the same issues.

I have updated to 15.6.0 on my Community Ed. and Enterprise at work and it works fine.
But I would advise to use Visual Studio Code with *.fx and *.hlsl files, it has extensions for these type of files. :wink:

Run the installer and select repair and see if that fixes things, or reinstall entirely, usually fixes bad installs…

Thanks @Alkher and @MrValentine

I figured out the problem… for some reason, the latest update requires the VC++ components to be installed in order to have .fx editing in the IDE.

I usually don’t install the C++ components, and it’s been fine in the past.

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