SOLVED Windows 10 App Keypress not catching

my Setup is: Win10, VS2015, Monogame 3.4.
I can compile the Project, i can render stuff. But i can not get User Keypress.

Tried the following approaches:

Keyboard.GetState().IsKeyDown(Keys.W) >> always false

Windows.UI.Xaml.Window.Current.CoreWindow.GetKeyState(VirtualKey.W) == CoreVirtualKeyStates.Down >> always false
Windows.UI.Xaml.Window.Current.CoreWindow.KeyDown >> not firing

Maybe i messed up with keypress Event chains. How do you get your keypressing Information?

Debugged into the case, now i can say: Update() never gets called.
Is there a known bug about Update() never beeing called? Draw() is beeing called.

EDIT: My mistake. Used a 3rd party overhaul for Monogame which modified the Update Method into not override. Now the Keyboard class is working properly. Please learn from my fail.

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