[SOLVED] Xbox One - Game Exits On Xbox Live Sign Out

So I only have one item left on my list of Optional Certification issues and it’s that when the user signs out of Xbox Live the game will exit. It’s not throwing an error code or anything, it’s exiting the same as if I had told the game to close programmatically.

Is there something in MonoGame which is causing this to happen? I am on 3.6 by the way.

Post the code that handles sign out in your code…

I’ve been worried by that issue too, so yesterday I’ve checked other games.
I’ve tried 8 games already published in the store (at least two of them being Unity) and they also automatically log out. All of them

So I suppose it’s not a MonoGame problem, but you probably have to do something in order to avoid that feature.

p.s. could you please share the link of the Certification Requirements for Xbox Live? I’ve been unable to found it yet.




Though I think there is a validation process when you submit, similar to publishing an app to Windows 10 UWP, things like store text, icons, ad banners etc.

[I use bing ftr]

This occurs even if you create a new empty project, you could be not using Xbox Live at all in your game and it would still exit when the user signs out.

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Are you saying all the games you tried also exit when you log out of Xbox live? I don’t know why I would have gotten flagged for this then, I am handling the loggout correctly on Windows 10. Though I did have some issues surrounding my certification process, so there’s a chance this got flagged even though it shouldn’t have.

As far as documents, do you have access to https://developer.xboxlive.com/ ? If so just go there and go to Certification -> Xbox Requirements

Frankly it seems like the addition of UWP has made a mess of things. The documentation through the Windows Dev Center is minimal at best, I’ve had a very challenging time navigating the development process.

Alright, so not only is this the default behavior for MonoGame projects, it is the default behavior for any UWP projects. Just open Visual Studio and go to New Project -> Visual C# -> Windows Universal -> Blank App and tada, same behavior. The app is getting terminated when the user signs out of Xbox Live.

I’m pretty sure I just spent the last full day of work racking my brains on an issue that isn’t even caused by me OR MonoGame… thanks Microsoft.

I think it has to do with local storage access security, so frankly, it is a good thing…

yes, but I only tested it in Xbox because it’s what I’m targetting. In fact, you can’t even run an UWP/CC game without being logged in.

I don’t have access to that link so I’m thinking that you may be doing the game for ID@Xbox instead of UWP. ID@Xbox and other retail games do not automatically close the game when signing out, but UWP ones do. So the login/logout behaviour requirements may change depending on what platform you’re targetting.

Just chiming in here, the Historic games as I call them, have severe issues with multi user logins and you cannot use the GUEST accounts to play multiplayer with them, though, I think they work even when signed out, so this could be something to investigate further… and yes, channels may be an issue here [UWP/ID@]

The Xbox Cert people got back to me and yeah, they basically just said this is UWP behavior. They flagged it on my submission on accident.

So basically just ignore it but still set your game up to handle log out and log ins for the Windows 10 side of things because it works there.


Good work updating us all here, someone mark this as [SOLVED] I lost my functions :stuck_out_tongue: