Some Beginner Setup Questions

Hey there. I’m trying to set up a MonoGame project for the first time. It seems like this was a pretty simple task at one time, but I’m guessing with the community having advanced past the setup for so long has probably caused some drifting away from that. I mean, even the main documentation shows the setup process in VS2015.

Anyway, I’ve downloaded VS 2019 (the only VS that I can download without registering for some new dev service on Microsoft). As seems to be a fairly repeated question around here, I need the Monogame template. Plenty of people say you can copy it from VS2017, which of course assumes you have that (which I don’t). I’ve got the link to the github page that theoretically structures it correctly, but it’s 2 years old, and doesn’t even seem to get recognized by VS2019 when I put it in the ProjectTemplates folder. Shortly put, none of those tickets help my situation.

I know that this can be done without a template, but all of the tutorials online start with a template. Furthermore, I have yet to find any walk-through of starting it up without a template. Thus, also preventing me from moving forward.

I know this question has been asked a lot, so it’s probably mutually frustrating to hear it, but short of asking here my only real option is find an alternative; and given what I’ve seen from tutorials, I very much like how this library works and would like to use it.

To the point, can someone please walk me through setting up MonoGame on VS2019. Please, PLEASE not a link to a deprecated setup, not links to tickets that answer half of my question but leave me without any way to make progress… I need an up-to-date, step-by-step installation process for MonoGame that sadly seems to have been ignored for years now.

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As an update, I downloaded VS2017, and apparently the templates aren’t showing up there either. Even though they are in the ProjectTemplates/Visual C#/MonoGame directory as .zip files.


For anyone that stumbles across this, the issue that eventually resolved it for me was ensuring the full C# desktop utilities were installed before the templates would show up. Makes sense, but something easily overlooked if you haven’t worked in MonoGame before.


Well, I did put together the most comprehensive guide to it, perhaps someone should link to it on the documents pages… :smirk:

Links at the end of the post [not the thread but the first post] should help you out, if you look at my user profile, you can find a bunch of other useful topics relevant to your situation.

Happy Coding! and welcome to the forums!


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