Some newbie questions about capabilities/platforms/runtimes (Linux)

Hi all,

I did some XNA dev on Windows ages ago but I’ve been out of the loop on that stuff forever. I’ve been wanting to get back into it for a hobby project, but the ecosystem has changed a lot and I’m trying to figure out where things stand right now – I get a sense that things are kind of in an “in-between” space. I’m also developing on (rather than just for) Linux now, which complicates matters. Thus I have a few questions – apologies if they’re stupid!

  1. In terms of runtimes, my impression is that .NET Core is “sexier” and “the future” and that its tooling is somewhat better, but that it also has significantly more limited targets and will probably never attempt to target consoles. Do I have the right idea with that, and if so, how do people handle it? This is just for funsies so I don’t really care about console targeting myself, but it seems significant for a game framework.

  2. The content pipeline stuff seems .NET-specific – do assets put together with that still work with Mono, if you go that route?

  3. Are people still using MonoDevelop much on Linux? It seems like it’s entered its twilight years and a lot of stuff is being done in VS Code nowadays, but I imagine MG is a bit of a special case.

  4. Any other gotchas I should be aware of getting things set up for Linux-side dev with the possibility of publishing for Windows eventually, beyond what’s mentioned in the documentation here?

Thanks all.