Some troubles with pipeline.exe


I have some troubles :

1.Cannot play the SoundEffect (xnb created by pipeline.exe or directly wav, mp3, ogg…) on Ouya or Android Phone.

2.With pipeline.exe, the rotation of .fbx files doesn’t works… or am I missing something?

(Sorry for my english.)

@KonajuGames - Could this be an issue with audio playback in general on Android?

Can you be more specific? Do you mean the final compiled model data has the wrong transform?

Yes. I use Blender to create my models and export to FBX and I need to rotate it on the X axis and the model will appear in the good transform in game.

This works well with XNA but for MonoGame, the scale and rotation has no effect.

Ok… I see what your problem is. The rotation options in the processor are not working for you.

Looking at the code you are right…

The rotation is used nowhere in that processor. We need someone to implement it.

FYI. So the fix was merged…

In the process I found some other issues with the model processor that may or may not affect you. Because of this I started adding a unit test for the model processor and should have a bunch of little fixes committed tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thank you for what you do!

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I’m back with my SoundEffect problem. Sorry, my Xamarin Trial account has one day left and I can not find a real solution. :frowning:

I read that SoundEffect work only with raw Wav? I use Audacity but I do not see how to make a raw Wav?

Otherwise there is also OpenAL but I do not understand how it works … it was so simple with SoundEffects :stuck_out_tongue:

SoundEffects created with XNA should work fine in Android (that is what I tested the OpenAL support with). Were you using Low or Medium compression quality? I’m getting back onto the audio content pipeline very soon and will be able to ensure everything is working properly.

You mean the setting in pipeline? I set best quality.

I changed sample rate and bit deph with Wavosaur but it does not change anything…