Something about Entity.Detach<T> removes entity from all systems

So im just trying to remove a component from my player entity, but when I do so, the player gets removed from all systems that it belongs to. There is something about when the entity gets marked with WaitingToRefreshComponents (which happens after calling Detatch) it gets contains == true in this piece of code in EntityProcessingSystem.cs.

internal virtual void RefreshEntityComponents(Entity entity)
var contains = entity.SystemBits[Index];
var isInterested = Aspect.Matches(entity.ComponentBits);

if (contains)
else if (isInterested)


The player entity is currently being handled by 3 of my systems, and then I’ve just attached a dummy component which isnt part of any system, and detached that one. And still my player entity gets removed from every system after that.

Could you post this to GitHub? It’s easier to track there.

I couldn’t see a related issue so I created one for you.