Something changed on SpriteBatch?


I usually update MonoGame from from time to time, usually once in a month.

In the last update something weird is happenning with my SpriteBatchs, the problem is that I can’t assure what’s going on.

In example, menus which were in front of 3D models are now rendered behind, now not showing to the screen. I had to adjust the Z rendering for those (previously I wasn’t specifying any depth).

It’s also happenned today with my in-house ads control, which has been working since the first months of WP7 release.

My main development setup is using XNA, and then porting to MonoGame, so I don’t think it’s a problem on my side because it still runs well on XNA “without the Z patches”.

Has been SpriteBatch changed in the last weeks or does somebody find similar problems with SpriteBatch?


The only change I can find that might be related is this one from April 30.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at it. Honestly I’m totally puzzled and I have no idea what can it be. I’m having a hard time to reproduce it with a minimal sample too. I’ll keep trying and I’ll check the version pre-april 30 and post-april 30.