Something with the project creation in 3.7 must be wrong...

Hi there,

I was just trying to start a new project in MonoDevelop on Linux, it was a DesktopGL project and when compiling it the window did not open as usuall, it will though in project folders created after the update.

I am just posting this because somebody allready had the same complaint 3 days earlier, but it seems that the conversation was not continued further and no solution has been brought to the table, nore someone working on it.

Also I noticed that there must be some fishy things going on to say the least, I had a project lying around and just changed one simple thing. I had a stupid cube vector graphic exportet as png in the left corner, there existed severall of those, some were multiplied by the color green others dont, and they stacked over each other pixel perfect, when I tried to delete the line containing the green cube, it would not go back to being the original blue graphic it was intended to be after running the programm.

You dont have to be a genius to sense that something is fundamentaly wrong. When I checked if I could start the .exe either way from MonoDevelop, it said I had to output the assembly, I cant read assembly, at least nothing to write home about but I can sense when a file is empty. Furthermore starting without the debugger resultet in a SIGIL, and it could not find the .exe file of my project, well it was not made so no surprise there.

It would be unfair to new users and since this seems like something that needs to be addressed I signed up and I will post this issue again, allthough it has allready been addressed.

I also want to post this because checking the commits I could not see this addressed. Furthermore, I can post issues myself.

It would be really cool to read an explanation to this and I am very thankfull in advance for anything positive that will come my way.

I wish you a very nice morning, day, afternoon or night!

See ya!