Sorry about that post.

Guys sorry for anything i said i just went thru a bout of extreme paranoid schizophrenia like my mother had. This never happend before like this. i don’t want to explain just how bad i lost it i sincerely believed everything i said and more.
Now i know what my poor moms went thru she was like that all the time.
Now i got about 200 shit posts to clean up.


Don’t worry about anything, things happen, mental health is a tricky subject, just get the help you need, I just hope your insurance covers it…

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Yeah, all that and good luck.

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i didn’t read the post or know your circumstances but i’d like to mention this virus has caused several people I know, to suffer extreme OCD, even paranoid psychotic breaks from reality ending in hospitalizations, and it’s terrifying and no fun… if we can just hang in there hopefully will get easier in a few months with the vaccine, even if we can amuse ourselves in our rooms with our computers, humans just aren’t made for isolation and must hope other people can understand we aren’t always ourselves and its strong minds actually more likely to literally go insane rather than weak ones, as it is the imagination that causes this illness, in my opinion.


you are in alot of topics, always with a good attitude and positive spirit. I have learned a ton from your posts either directly in discussions with you or from reading topics you had with others.

I dont understand your situation and I have no idea if this helps or not but it was written it in the best of intentions!