Sound CreateIndex

According to the examples I’ve found, “CreateIndex” should give me access to more sound options than the simple SoundEffect.

I should have .IsLooped. I should have .Stop! No stop! So this class must have changed a fair bit.

Does anyone have any examples of how to setup a looped sound effect with the current framework? This isn’t a song, it’s an effect.


CreateInstance. Not CreateIndex.

It’s been a long day!

It really has been a long day and I had all my effects mixed up. Got it working.



A SoundEffectInstance is a fire-and-forget instance of a SoundEffect. You can see the SoundEffect as the base sound that you store and SoundEffectInstances as copies of that SoundEffect that you can actually play. So naturally some of the properties do not apply globally, but only to specific instances of a SoundEffect. That’s why you can’t set a SoundEffect directly to loop, but you can let instances loop.

You’re looking for SoundEffectInstance.IsLooped.