Sound/Music on or off by default

Just looking for other people’s thoughts on an Android game. Would you prefer sound/music on or off when you first launch a game? I’m leaning towards off because usually the first thing I do in an Android game is turn off sound/music.

For me, it is:

First run of the Game popup screen asking about Music/Sfx and Volume levels.

On by default, allow them to turn off or adjust volume if needed.

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On , but give an option to turn it on/off and save the last state for the next time.

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also I have a contition #if DEBUG
in the code to turn the music off, because its a bit distracting during debugging…

On since it is a game normally users will be prepared to get sound. But maybe setting the initial volume value to some percentage is a good idea? This way even if the phone is set to max volume the sound won’t be too loud initially and users can set it to some other value themselves?


I think on is generally good; however, agreed with Kwyrky. Default your volumes to 50% pleeeeeeease! :smiley:

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