SoundEffect and XACT not playing - Build Works but No Sound

Hello guys !
I’m working on a video game and I have tried to insert a XACT project to my Monogame Project.

I made a Pipeline Content to obtain xgs, xwb and xsb and I add these files in my project - with a wav in xnb of course !
When I’m trying to play the sound, I hear nothing. So, I have tried to simply play a SoundEffect in my Start Menu Screen with this simply code :

private SoundEffect _effect;

protected override void LoadContent()

_effect = content.Load(@“Audio\Waves\MenuTheme”);


Even with this simple code I don’t have any sound on my menu. The Debug tell me that’s sound is playing. I’m lost x)

Thank’s for your help !

Hello guys ! I tried to play sound in a another project and I can’t read sound in a Monogame Windows Project but I CAN in a Monogame Windows OpenGL Project x)

I don’t want to work on OpenGl because I have some problems to display correctly sprites ! What’s happend ? What’s the problem ?

Thank’s for your help !