SoundEffect finishes playing early

Hi all,

I’ve encountered an issue when using SoundEffects to play sounds.

I have a 7.5 second long sound that I wish to use in my game, however when calling ‘.play()’ only about 4-5 seconds of the audio is played before it abruptly ends.

I have checked the file using various media players and it plays through to the end just fine and I have also tried playing the sound in a number of different classes throughout my project, all to the same effect.

My thanks to anyone who can help me with this issue!

OK, I managed to resolve the issue on my own!

It turned out the DAW I’ve been using to render my sound effects (Reaper, in case anyone is interested) was rendering at a higher sample rate of 24-bit as opposed to 16-bit.

After changing this the sound now plays in full.

24-bit WAV support is something that has been brought up before. It shouldn’t be too difficult to add support for it, at least at the content build pipeline.