SoundEffect stops halfway through in

I was using the Monogame 3.2 install, which showed up as framework 3.1.x (that’s still 3.2, right?) and I saw a thread on SupportedDisplayModes being fixed in one of the later builds, so I grabbed the latest, and I noticed that in this build, SoundEffects all stop about halfway through. I’m pretty sure it’s happening for fire and forget and stored cues. It worked perfectly in 3.2, anyone know if there was a build that fixed the SupportedDisplayModes issue without introducing the audio issue, or if there’s a workaround I could use?


Edit: should add, this is on Windows 8, non-metro mode (whatever we’re calling that).

@Jamezila Hi there, did you fixed that issue?

Targetting WinGL & WinDX for the same project and noticed SoundEffects were cut in the WinDX version… :frowning:


No, sorry, I just went back to Monogame version, everything’s fine again. Had to find some non-Monogame-framework code to enumerate supported display modes.

Maybe take a look at this:

Hope it’ll help!