SoundEffect & Volume

I just discovered a strange difference between XNA and monoGame, I only tested this using XNA for Windows and monoGame for Windows:
When you play a SoundEffect, according to the XNA and monoGame manual, there are two ways of providing the volume for this Soundeffect.
You can set the master volume using SoundEffect.MasterVolume
or you can give a distinct volume in the SoundEffect.Play() overload.

In XNA, if you call SoundEffect.Play(1f, 0,0) the sound sample will play at full volume.

In monoGame you have to set the MediaPlayer.Volume in addition to the SoundEffect Volume to get any sound.

In my game I am using background music and sound effects. It is now impossible to mute the music without affecting the SoundEffect samples.

Is this by design or will there be a fix to separate MediaPlayer and SoundEffects?