Sounds don't play when game is reloaded.

I’m creating sort of a game launcher (built on WPF), to launch mini games (which inherit from an interface and compiled into a dll).

So there is a launcher window and a game window (which inherits from Game) When you choose a game and launch it, everything works fine. But if you close the game window and relaunch it everything works except audio.

Using breakpoints it looks like everything is loading correctly and I’m not getting any errors or exceptions; it just doesn’t play the audio.

I’m wondering if the audio engine just needs to be restarted or something. I alert my launcher with an event (triggered when the Exiting event triggers) when the game window is closed and tried unloading content, disposing the game, setting it to null etc. but none of that helps.

Is there a way to restart the audio engine? Or what could be causing this issue?