sourceRect and destRect naming problem

hi all. Im working on a game. There I’ve a planet which turns around itself and moves also. It has a sourceRect and destRect. So that the frames are cut and shown after each other in adjusted time interval. my problem is that, now I ve another planet which will do the same. But I can’t name the sourceRect and the destRect. Only once I used them. if I use them the same way the sprites mix each other.
I tried “sourceRect.enemy” , sourceRect(enemy) , sourceRect enemy… none of them worked. I ve to specialize that Im using the Source and destination Rectangles for a different sprite.
so my simple problem is about naming them. Can anyone help me?

OK Ive found my mistake. I forgot to write them down as class objects:(((( So, I use sourceRect1, sourceRect2… and destRect1, destRect2…everything on the way