Space Bugs Wars on

I’ve developed many games in XNA and Monogame and finally decided to start a new game and release it, it took my almost 1 month to make this game and you can download it for free from at Space Bugs Wars by Mystic River

Link to the video of the game : Devlog 1 Ready for Launch! , releasing my Indie game for free - YouTube

I also started a YouTube channel, and sharing devlogs of my games around Monogame. I release a new video every week and planning 1 Monogame game a month, please support me if you can so I can make more games with Monogame. Planning at least 4 to 6 games for free this year!


Really hate opening a new tab for a video…


Really cool visual effects, good sound effects, fix your outro typos…

thank you, hmm can you tell me where is the typo? I am trying to find it but maybe I am blind :slight_smile:



Your outro is important, don’t get sloppy!

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omg , I got sloppy, thank you! maybe because I finished editing the video at 4 am… I still feel so sleepy today

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