Space Fighter Infinite

Space Fighter Infnite is an Action Game/Shoot ‘em up in 3D.

It keep the best from 80’ retro arcade game and add wonderful features as advanced graphics and third person view, greatly improving gameplay.

The game has been developed to target phone and tablet, using accelerometer to control the spaceship.

All levels are unique, highly detailed and will offer to you a real challenge.

Available on:

You can find us on :


I tried your game (demo version), so thought I would give you my thoughts on it. I hope you know I mean this all in the friendliest way :smile:
It was somewhat hard to find at first, keep working those rankings. For “Space Fighter Infinite” I found it at number 22, and for the keywords “Space Fighter” I could not find it (looked for it all the way to number 225).

on a nexus 5:
-Startup was a just a little bit slow.
-The big facebook button is AWESOME, seriously. I need to do the same to try and get the social element involved.
-Menu animations could be just a tad faster?
-Tutorial was very nice
-Gameplay was interesting and unique. Also difficult but I think it has a good learning curve as it is intuitive.

Gameplay has a lot of quality, but there are a few things that keep it from having a “high-polish” feel. Mainly the menu graphics and the text that appears throughout the game. Some easy updates would definitely solve it.

Keep up the good work and good luck!