SpaceWorms - A 2D gravity space shooter.

Dear community,

thanks for all your support - enjoy playing the result:


Nice looking game, I noticed on the site the manual isn’t in English - any chance of an English version?

Also - As we’re all here to learn monogame and you posted it here I guess the game is done using monogame - so any change of sharing the source code for others to learn from?

Great work!

Sorry for the late answer. We got greenlit on Steam, and as soon as we publish it, I will share the code.

No worries, excellent news - congratulations on getting it greenlit! I thought it was a personal project, hence the question about the source code last year. Perfectly understandable if you want to keep it to yourself.

Edit: The space 4 worms link in the first post seems to be down. Do you have a new link?

Again sorry for the late answer, but here is the link to the old version:

The new version will come soon and be in two parts: a free-to-play one without online multiplayer (since we will have to use steam servers for that) and the steam version with online multiplayer.

However, since it’s originally designed to be a hot-seat game, the free version will not suffer greatly from not supporting online games, I believe.

Here is the release post: SpaceWorms - A 2D gravity space shooter - Key Giveaway