Sparse/Wrong MonoGame 3.4 Pipeline/Content Framework?

I’ve read in multiple places that MonoGame 3.4 has a new content pipeline that doesn’t rely on XNA, and I read here that you should replace Microsoft.Xna.Framework.XXX references with to MonoGame.Framework and MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline. However, the MonoGame installer doesn’t seem to add this DLL for me to reference, and when I try to build MonoGame from the source I run into problems with SharpDX, and trying to get that installed merely results in more headaches.

I’ve spent about a day and a half trying to figure this out, so I thought I would see if anybody has any points for me. I’ve poured over questions and documentation and tutorials on the Internet, but it’s impossible to tell what is still valid and what is outdated.

Am I reading this wrong, is it incomplete, are there extra steps when developing in a Windows 8 environment, or what? Basically, am I striking out, way out in left field, or playing a different sport altogether?, Module 3 is about extending the Pipeline.

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The assembly is in the MSBuild directory for me here which I reference in my screen shot below. The video also walks you through the process of doing the extension.

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