Spine > viewMatrix / camera offset

we switched from frame by frame animations to Spine (this animation software).

The issue I am facing now, that it am unable to fit it in our coordinate system. (simple 2D game) I guess there is an issue with the projection or some other matrix-related stuff that I am not really good at. (It works perfectly in an empty project, Example provided here: https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes/tree/3.7/spine-monogame It’s probably a one-liner, but I cant figure it out. Target in this case I want to draw a tree at world position 100,100 - so the top left corner.
If I am drawing it e.g. in the start menu where no transformation matrix or camera is used, the tree is beeing drawn properly top left. (in this case viewMatrix has the value Matrix.Identity). But ingame it is nowhere to be seen.

This is my sample class for spine objects:

public class SpineObject
    private SkeletonRenderer skeletonRenderer;
    private Skeleton skeleton;
    private AnimationState state;
    private SkeletonBounds bounds = new SkeletonBounds();
    private string assetsFolder = "Content/Animations/"; 

        public SpineObject()
            skeletonRenderer = new SkeletonRenderer(Orbs.graphics.GraphicsDevice);
            skeletonRenderer.PremultipliedAlpha = false;

            String name = "Objects/tree1/tree1";
            String atlasName = "Objects/tree1/tree1";

            Atlas atlas = new Atlas(assetsFolder + atlasName + ".atlas", new XnaTextureLoader(Orbs.graphics.GraphicsDevice));

            SkeletonJson json = new SkeletonJson(atlas);
            json.Scale = 1;
            SkeletonData skeletonData = json.ReadSkeletonData(assetsFolder + name + ".json");
            skeleton = new Skeleton(skeletonData);
            AnimationStateData stateData = new AnimationStateData(skeleton.Data);
            state = new AnimationState(stateData);
            state.SetAnimation(0, "animation", true);

            skeleton.X = 100;
            skeleton.Y = 100;

        public void Update(GameTime gameTime)
            state.Update(gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.Milliseconds / 1000f);

        public void Draw(Matrix viewMatrix)
            ((BasicEffect)skeletonRenderer.Effect).Projection = Matrix.CreateOrthographicOffCenter(0, Orbs.graphics.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Width, 0, Orbs.graphics.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Height, 1, 0);
           ((BasicEffect)skeletonRenderer.Effect).View = Orbs.camera.GetViewMatrix();


The Draw-Call looks like this:
Animations.SpineObject tree1 = new Animations.SpineObject();
Camera2D camera = new Camera2D(GraphicsDevice.Viewport);
Matrix viewMatrix = camera.GetViewMatrix();

protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
    spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteSortMode.Deferred, BlendState.NonPremultiplied, SamplerState.PointClamp, null, null, null, viewMatrix);
    //Draw Map Layers and Stuff

I guess the tree is beeing drawn somwhere far off, so how do I get the trees X/Y value to be on par with the worlds coordinates?

I just figured out, that if I call tree1.Draw() after the spriteBatch.End(); it works fine

I’ve also changed the DrawCall to

((BasicEffect)skeletonRenderer.Effect).Projection = Matrix.CreateOrthographicOffCenter(0, Orbs.graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth, Orbs.graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight, 0, 1, 0);
((BasicEffect)skeletonRenderer.Effect).World = Orbs.camera.GetViewMatrix();

Not sure if this is a limitation or if I am doing something wrong.